A subtle volume of horizontal wooden larch sticks that peel off the building, run over it, and seem to grow out of the surrounding topography: Strata Hotel (2007).

Strata – Paramount Alma – Continuous Extension

TYPE Hotel, Interior
STATUS Commission, Built
LOCATION Sesto, Italy
YEAR 2007 (Strata), 2014 (Alma), 2018 (Continuous Extension)
CLIENT Strata: Judith Rainer & Christian Schwienbacher (Strata), Christoph Rainer (Paramount Alma & Continuous Extension)

DESIGN TEAM Claude Ballini, Eva Castro, Micol Fronza, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne, Angelika Mair, Libny Pacheco, Peter Pichler, Michal Suchanek, Chuan Wang
PHOTO CREDIT Hertha Hurnaus, Cristobal Palma

The combination of building and topography, the concept of use of the same materials, faceted wooden strips and interiors full of light with accented colors will continue in 2014 in Paramount Alma and in 2018 in Continuous Extension.

Strata Hotel (2007) is characterized by wooden strips that wrap it horizontally, generated by the surrounding topography.

In Paramount Alma (2014), an extension above an existing building, two bands follow a geometrically complex volume, push behind and above the existing white cube, in this way the boundaries between roof and façade disappear and connections to the surrounding topography are created. The interiors benefit of several external spaces: openings of light and air vents offer all-round views and allow the view of the sky from the inside of the building, as a variation on the theme.

In 2018, the building will be extended again: the steep slope will be excavated and a new volume will slide behind; the larch sticks will be used once more, trying to extend to the topography, but this time they will develop along the ceiling of the ground floor, where the entrance is located, and they will define a thematic conclusion to the complex of buildings.

The interiors are always characterized by a strong relation with the external space. The dominant material, as for the design of the wooden façade, is the local larch wood. The wood is combined with color accents, with variations depending on the floor.