By calibrating the dynamic and fluid nature of flows, events and ephemera on the one hand and the rational, structural and systemic parameters of material, organization and resistance on the other, Plasma is forging unique, evocative and elegant projects.

Eva Castro

Founding Partner
Eva’s  strengths  are  the  conceptual  development  of  a  project  and  her  visionary  design  skills.  Through  her  experience  in  teaching  Landscape  Urbanism  she  can  bring  in  her  knowledge  in  developing  sustainable  strategies  that  seek  for  the  balance  between  landscape  and  buildings.
Grad Dipl Des (AA) Dip Arq (UCV)
Studied architecture and urbanism at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and subsequently completed the Graduate Design programme under Jeff Kipnis at the Architectural Association.
- Founding partner of Groundlab
- Director of MA Landscape Urbanism, Architectural Association 
- Visiting Professor, The University of Hong Kong 
- Visiting Professor, Tsinghua University 
- Honorary Professor at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology 
- Professor of practice, ASD, Singapore University of Technology and Design
Holger Kehne

Hong Kong
Founding Partner
Holger Kehne aims at engaging practice and academic research in unison, beginning in London where between 2002 and 2010 he gained extensive academic experience as unit master in the Diploma School of the Architectural Association while setting up and developing Plasma Studio.
BSc (Hons) Dip Arch
Studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Muenster, Germany and at the University of East London.
- RIBA Part 1-3
- Licensed Architect, Architects Registration Board, UK 
- Adjunct Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong 
- Honorary Professor,  Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology 
- PhD candidate, RMIT
Ulla Hell

Ulla  has  opened  Plasma  Studio  Italy  and  has  accompanied  a  wide  range  of  small  and  midscale  projects  that  range  from  single  family  houses  to  Masterplans  and  Hotel  developments  and  re-designs  from  sketch  to  realization.  She has a high knowledge in the Italian hospitality sector. She  leads  the  team  through  planning  application,  tendering  process  and  can  also  be  involved  in  site  supervision,  interior  design  questions  and  cost  control  process.
Dipl-Ing Dr Arch
Studied architecture at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, the TU Delft and TU Eindhoven.

- Member of the Architects Chamber of Bolzano, Italy 
- Lecturer at the School of Architecture University of Innsbruck, Austria
+39 0474 710435
Chuan Wang

Chuan Wang is an architect and landscape architect with a multi-discipline background. His design field covers several scales from urban planning to architecture, landscape as well as industrial design. He has won a series of important international design awards both in China and abroad, and is good at solving complex interdisciplinary design topic with parametric techniques.
MArch Tsinghua University
Completing afterwards a Master Course on Landscape Architecture at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.
- Co-tutor of Landscape Urbanism master studio at Tsinghua University
- Winner of Outstanding landscape planner, ILIA 
+86 18611630150
Peter Pichler

Senior Architect,
Peter is a senior project architect collaborating with Plasma studio since eleven years, through his various and manifold skills he will collaborate from an early stage and he will be responsible for construction and tendering process.
+43 680 3113902
Micol Fronza

Project Architect,
Micol is an italian architect with a six years experience and she will assist the team through all stages, she will be especially in charge of the interior design development.
+39 0474 710435
Giulia Mariotti

Project Architect,
Giulia has a combined degree in architecture and engineering, therefore she is able to complete the team skills from a more technical point of view.
+39 0474 710435
Irene Mutschlechner

Architectural Intern, PR & Media Coordinator
+39 0474 710435
Haitao Ma

Landscape Project Architect,
He has ten years experience in landscape construction and he is familiar with landscape engineering and construction practices.
+86 18611630150
Jingyang Guo

PR & Media Coordinator
She has a professional background and she builds up Plasma as a brand with her strong skill-sets in communication and coordination.
+86 18611630150
Xiaoyi Teng

Senior Landscape Architect
She has ten years of working experience in landscape, planning and architecture, she has a comprehensive vision and diverse professional background.
+86 18611630150
Xunbin Yin

Beijing Office Manager
He has been engaged in office management for many years. He has rich experience and conscientiously performs his duties.
+86 18611630150
Ying Mu

Landscape Project Manager
She has been engaged in landscape design and construction for nine years. Project types include municipal parks, commercial complexes, pastoral complexes, etc.
+86 18611630150
Pingshan Qu

Senior Architect
He has ten years of working experience and he has made great achievements in the field of cultural architecture and commercial complex architecture.
+86 18611630150


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