Following the concept present in Strata Hotel and Paramount Alma, consisting of continuous bands that develop from the topography, Continuous Extension evolves in place of a steep hill to give the 3 successions of buildings a pleasant connection.

Continuous Extension

TYPE Hotel, Interior
STATUS Commission, Built
LOCATION Sesto, Italy
YEAR 2018
CLIENT Christoph Rainer

DESIGN TEAM Eva Castro, Micol Fronza, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne, Peter Pichler, Chuan Wang
COLLABORATORS Andreas Erlacher
PHOTO CREDIT Hertha Hurnaus

In 2018, Paramount Alma ( will be extended to create new suites for family vacations and communal areas: the steep hill will be excavated and a new volume will rise behind the old building and the extensions of 2014 – the theme of the larch wooden sticks will be resumed once more.
The wooden bands look for contact points with the topography, but this time they do not continue on the surface of the roof - this space will be an intensive green area – the wood instead defines the ground line of the Strata-Alma-Paramount Alma, developing in the lower part of the building.
In this way, the space created is thematically coherent, with framed views on the surrounding mountain landscape.

Gross spray plasters, large windows and slightly faceted larch wooden sticks define the exterior.

The interiors are always characterized by a strong relation with the outside: light and views are projected into the rooms. The local larch wood is the dominant material, the same used for the façade. Wood combines with color accents, differently for each level of the building.
A generous sense of space and scenographic point of views are the ingredients for a mountain holiday – in addition to Loden – Pine wood - Chic.