The reason for a park is that of providing a chance to weave the cityscape of our urban environments with ecologies and places with entirely different character.

Woven Grounds

TYPE Cultural, Infrastructure, Public space
STATUS Competition, 1st Prize
LOCATION Taichung, Taiwan
YEAR 2011
CLIENT Taichung City Government


A park becomes a melting pot of different territories, where citizens can experience in a positive way the distance between their urban lives and that of a distant countryside. To design a park is to work with these relationships and experiences, playing with them in order to generate a space where citizens can relate to their environment in new and provocative manners, making them more aware of each other and their relationship with nature. In this sense, the park weaves distant and local territories into the ultimate form of metropolitan experience, helping to forge character and long term vision of the entire city. The design of this park in Taichung becomes the key to produce a resolutely cosmopolitan and distinct experience for Gateway Development and, up to a certain extent, the entire city. In a nutshell, weaving shall become the main concept to turn the Landscape of Gateway Park into the strongest form of Urbanism. It is this idea of weaving experiences, territories and ecologies that drives the design of our proposal. The whole aspiration of the design becomes encapsulated in the space of the landscape, with the very materials of the park, water, earth and plants, being woven into a new ground from which to build the Gateway Community. Woven Ground project presents a story made of three different weaving patterns: Weaving of the infrastructure of Taichung, weaving the scales of the park and finally weaving the ecologies around the Gateway Development.