The massing of the building deals with the future context by keeping relational proportion to the neighbor­ing buildings and generating a con­tinuous semi-public space; the inner plaza that in fact becomes a central space of importance to the larger scale block.

Zhuhai Public Cultural Center Library

TYPE Cultural, Library, Archive
STATUS 2nd Price winners, Invited Competition
LOCATION Zuhai, China
YEAR 2016
CLIENT Private

DESIGN TEAM Che Hung Chien, Giovanni Murgia, Cherry

The green strategy is based on the idea of ‘pulling’ and ‘stretching’ the proposed green running along the water front into our site generating a series of green spaces along it and anchoring 3 plazas:
1_The WATERFRONT PLAZA, which has an open configuration to become an extension of the waterside promenade, in this way this plaza become part of the public realm attracting passers by and it has a leisure character. This stepped area is a small, informal amphitheater to look at the water and other related events.
2_The ‘INNER PLAZA’, whose character is more intimate as it is framed by the 2 buildings in the second phase, sheltered from the weather and naturally shadowed, it becomes the common atrium for the 2 buildings; what separates them, but also unites them into one unit.
3_The ‘URBAN PLAZA’, the official face of the building looking out onto the urban fabric and receiving the visitors before entering the site.
During the first phase the green takes over the segment beneath the library and turns the ground floor into a se­ries of activity driven pockets.