The project aims to establish a symbiotic relationship with its surroundings by fostering ongoing commercial activity, maintaining harmonious proportions with neighboring buildings, and generating a continuous semi-public space.

Zhuhai Public Cultural Center Library

TYPE Cultural, Library, Archive
STATUS Invited Competition, 2. Prize winners
LOCATION Zuhai, China
YEAR 2016
CLIENT Private

DESIGN TEAM Eva Castro, Cherry, Che Hung Chien, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne, Giulia Mariotti, Giovanni Murgia, Chuan Wang

The project is based on the use of a privileged positioning of the building within a corner site, so as to celebrate the various views of the diverse landscapes around it. The main ribbon has been created, driven by a circulation shaped by the views.  It starts in the northeast corner of the site at the last floor all the way till the south-east to create a panoramic platform for the urban frontage of the site; then it starts to descend towards the southwest as it approaches the water frontage and its beautiful views. Finally, it turns around at the northwest corner and it touches the ground level to embrace the landscape and the inner plaza. The green strategy is based on the idea of ‘pulling’ and  ‘stretching’ the proposed green running along the waterfront into the site, generating a series of green spaces along with it and anchoring 3 plazas: one internal, more intimate, and two public, facing the waterfront and the city.