TYPE Installation
STATUS Commission, Built
LOCATION Bolzen, Italy
YEAR 2019
CLIENT Südtiroler Künstlerbund

DESIGN TEAM Eva Castro, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne, Giulia Mariotti, Lee Xing Yun Mavis, Peter Pichler, Chuan Wang, Tan Shao Xuan
PHOTO CREDIT Leonhard Angerer

Plasma Studio is hosted by the annual architecture exhibition at the Prisma Gallery. The vaults of the premises of the artist association become the starting point for an installation that illustrates the operational methods of Plasma Studio:
The existing spaces of the gallery are examined and discussed in teamwork and controversial brainstorming between the various operating sites and partners, and a ReAction and thus transformation to the preexisting space is staged via the installation.

The spatial geometry of the vaults and the underlying grid are recorded as generating moments for the installation. Connections between the existing lines and spatial points are identified: among a multitude of possibilities, the chosen composition becomes a new, independent description of the space, a new vault and also a framework for the exhibition itself, which shows projects from the past 20 years in various scales ranging from small design objects to masterplans.

A modified spatial experience in the existing structure is implied by reaction through the interaction of surfaces and bodies.

Text written by Francesca Oddo for the introduction to the opening of the exhibition