The project is based on “Second Skin- Second Nature” and the “Geometry of Necessities and Performance”.


Izmir University of Economy_Masterplan

TYPE Education, Masterplan
STATUS Design Development
LOCATION Izmir, Turkey
YEAR 2016-ongoing
CLIENT Izmir University of Economy

PROJECT ARCHITECT Giulia Mariotti, Pietro Scarpa
DESIGN TEAM Eva Castro, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne, Chuan Wang, Vittoria Bellassai, Andrea Cadioli, Che Hung Chien, Micol Fronza, Giovanni Carlo Gentili, Mukal Gupta, Zengwei Jin, Haitao Ma, Valentina Mancini, Irene Mutschlechner, Edoardo Nieri, Peter Pichler, Wenxuan Qiao, Qingjun Tan, Yunya Tang, Lingwei Wan, Hui Xie, Zhuxi Yao, Kyra Zhao, Bo Zhao

COLLABORATORS  Buro Happold London , PMA (PolyMorph Architects)

Given the steep topography of the terrain and the intention to stitch together the new buildings with the landscape, the task was to develop the massing as an artificial, jagged replication of the original hillscapes.

The essence of the landscape as “original” material is transformed and sculpted, (be)coming another self and forming an identity that is at once indexing the local geographic morphologies and specific latitude and environment and a projection of the logic of human rational thinking and spatial ordering.

The educational bands of the K12 and of the University are organized along a Back Bone and on Podiums, which links diverse functions and produces new connections through social interactions. The social interaction is fostered by inserting semi public/ leisure activities within the academic environment, so as to create a common strata, where the knowledge is distributed through informal encounters among students.

Being the total site area is 200138.6 sqm, Plasma Studio was commissioned the design of a school complex (K12: Kindergarten + Primary + Secondary + High School) and of the University, with four Clusters of Faculties, Residential buildings, Services and Sport Areas. The project, that will be developed in three phases, will be completed in 2037 with the construction of 140.500 m2.