The major constraints of this project — its steep site, squeezed between existing buildings, and the very limited allowance of development volume — have shaped the form of this house.

Cube House

TYPE Residential, Interior
STATUS Commission, Built
LOCATION Sesto, Italy
YEAR 2008 
CLIENT Private

DESIGN TEAM Eva Castro, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne, Angelika Mair, David Preindl
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PHOTO CREDIT Cristobal Palma

It is set into the earth with two covered parking spaces at the front, leading to a small staircase that ascends to the main living zones on the first floor and further to the bedrooms on the second floor. Due to the limited available floor area, both horizontal and vertical circulation had to be designed in a very space-saving manner.

Given the prominent location of the site facing south towards the Dolomites, the façade was opened up as much as possible to expand the tight interiors. To shield the interior from views of the passing road, a layer of wooden sticks was wrapped around the large openings facing south. Depending on the varying sizes of the openings, they provide different degrees of shelter and intimacy.