The Wall- an encounter of the Third Kind, is a commission by Vision Magazine. The piece is an assemblage of two planar surfaces that are woven together, entangled in a dialogue that has intrinsic repercussions, (in)forming a result, a live outcome that is mutable, transformable, at times playable (with), and always responsive to the interaction – that incessantly creates it.

Contingent Affiliations

TYPE Installation
STATUS Commission, Built
LOCATION Beijing, China
YEAR 2015
CLIENT Vision Magazine

DESIGN TEAM Aurélie Biraud, Eva Castro, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne,  Valentina Mancini, Giulia Mariotti, Pietro Scarpa, Yunya Tang, Chuan Wang, Shunhe Wen, Xiaoyu Zhang, Jingshuang Zhao, Jun Zhao

It emphasizes the two primarily different characters of the original entities and the transformation that both can undergo when submitted to mutual interaction. Such transformation has a formative effect in that it surpasses the individual changes of the ONE to become something of yet another realm; a reinvention of the two through a conjoint projection. A viewer will be first and foremost thrown off-guard by The scale of this installation: in-between an employable structure and a representational model, it raises a series of elementar questions in regard to representation and experience of space. More than a wall, this sculpture employs depth in an ambiguous manner, expanding and collapsing space simultaneously. Absence of materiality in the combination of monochrome black and transparent Plexiglas, eliminating any trace of making together with a systematic yet ultimately abstract and non-referential morphology all work together to create a sublime experience and a unique object.

The final OBJECT is an ABSTRACT machine which expresses Plasma Studio modus operandi; the partners creative process, a way of working, creating and inventing new narratives indistinctly of its scale -urban planning, architecture, installation, interior design or furniture.