Based on the logo design for the Metrobus Express a corporate design concept for bus stops and track layout  along the bus route is proposed. Green in the sense of FAST and DYNAMIC, ECOLOGICAL and PLEASANT.

Die Grüne Linie

TYPE Mobility, Infrastructure, Public-space
STATUS Competition, 3d prize
YEAR  2014
CLIENT STA - Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG

DESIGN TEAM Marco Becucci, Eva Castro, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne,  Peter Pichler, Chuan Wang


The corporate design concept makes this idea tangible and recognizable. Along the route of the metro bus, the green line symbol is present as a color coding system:  bus stops and functional parts take up the green color as linear elements: the interventions themselves symbolize the dynamics and speed of the new metro bus. On the other hand, a feel-good factor is introduced into the single stops through the use and design of individual elements. 

The preferred tracks run as an element over the entire Metrobus route and are suitable for use as a recognizable linear element of the corporate design “green line”.

The bus stop shelters take up the idea of ​​the “green line” in their color and shape and are the most visible element of the fast “green line”. Each roof consists of a sloping, galvanized and green powder-coated column, which integrates a display.

The roof of the shelter provides an opaque part, which again takes on the green color, as well as the integrated phovoltaic elements in order to guarantee an autonomous functioning of the stops and thus to consider  the corporate design idea of ​​an ecological “green line”. An important part of the shelter is the bench, again as a visible green element : partly under the roof, partly free, in order to reinforce a meeting point effect.  

A drinking fountain is provided as final element within each shelter in order to increase the feel-good factor and underline the message of the pleasant “green line”. Enough space is left between the bench and the green column to allow standing and leaning. The roofs fit into the green lines of the waiting area with bicycle parking spaces and plants. Depending on the space requirements, there is a wide and a narrow type of roofing, with the varying width of the green column and the opaque roofing, and the length which can always vary and is composed as a modular arrangement. 

Screen, drinking fountain, photovoltaics, plants and bike racks are always optional, but in their application they make a significant contribution to the identification of the "GREEN LINE". In this way, each unit can be expanded as a modular system or adapted to specific requirements.