URBANITE aims to create a virtual space through projected images and film, reflecting the diversity of metropolitan cultures and architecture that make up London's heterogeneous urbanity in a space that embodies cultural mix and fusion.


TYPE Installation
STATUS Commission, Built
YEAR 2001
CLIENT Architecture Week, London / Do-group 

DESIGN TEAM Eva Castro, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne
COLLABORATORS - Urban Office, Superfusionlab, Neutral (film concept and footage) and Laura Gimenez

For Architecture Week, the do-group initiated a one night event/installation at a nightclub venue in Shoredich, East London with the theme URBANITE.
Neutral captured movement as the essence of London in their cinematic analysis of public spaces. Traffic nodes, train journeys, vehicular movement, people walking–everything is in a constant flux.
This is further elaborated by the speeding up and slowing down of various sequences. Projected from either end of the room, the images flicker through the whole space, caught on the screens that meander rhythmically in-between.
The screens are covered with bands of semitransparent film–acting as surfaces capturing the images while at the same time filtering partial images through to the other side. The panels in the middle present a blend of images from either side, embodying notions of colour and movement. The experience conveys an ever-changing degree of intensity within the spaces.