Conceived and implemented in conjunction with AA Diploma 12 this installation developed as an experiment that utilizes one of the most commonly used building materials: sawn wooden boards.

Reciprocal Influences

TYPE Installation
STATUS Commission, Built
LOCATION Bolzano, Italy
YEAR 2005
CLIENT Lungomare Gallerie

DESIGN TEAM Eva Castro, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne

Radically departing from their traditional use by deploying twists and bends, they form a complex material organization: a coherent field with local differentiation.

Exchanging architecture’s linear and deterministic relationship to context and program for a reciprocal, somatic, form-finding process, the final shape acts as an index of material properties and generative forces, with the goal of intensifying sensory and performative qualities. Like a wild water river, it flows from the steep slopes of the vineyards onto the terraces of the gallery.

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