Plasma Studio inaugurates Formel X- a new series of exhibitions where offices of the up-and-coming generation present their architectural positions. The series’ focus is on design methodology & design processes. With this series, the DAZ opens the discussion on the facets of sustainable ideas and visions.

Nodal Landscapes

TYPE Exhibition
STATUS Commission, Built
LOCATION Berlin, Germany
YEAR 2010
CLIENT German Architecture Center

DESIGN TEAM Eva Castro, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne

Within a site-specific grid arrangement of nine light boxes covered with technical drawings, NODAL LANDSCAPES has been conceived to immerse visitors into Plasma's systemic approach and its preoccupation with grids, ground and context. A plethora of conceptual and presentation models float loosely in-between and enable the visitors to spot and identify recurring aims, ideas and their spatial and phenomenological effects. Deliberately sparse explanatory material and noted lack of 'overview' and 'analysis' underline the intention to foster an active and personal engagement with the related effects and affects- a kind of neorealist stage-set aligned to our own sometimes abstract and dazed mindset between shapes and numbers.

The processes are seldom the linear progression from sketch to build structure- likewise there is no hierarchy: current work in China is shown as large renderings, photos and technical drawings with an emphasis on conceptual and presentation models. One wall is covered with photos of built European work where most of the concerns and concepts are already present.