Folding Corner Garden uses the principle of folding and deformation to evoke a multi-layered experience of landscape design within the larger garden exhibition. 

FOLDING CORNER: Yangzhou World Horticultural Expo'

TYPE  Cultural, Exhibition, Public space
STATUS Commission, Built
LOCATION Yangzhou, China
YEAR 2021
CLIENT Yangzhou Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau

DESIGN TEAM Eva Castro, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne, Chuan Wang, Xiaoyi Teng, Haitao Ma, Yumeng Sun, Xuting Wang, Hua Zheng
COLLABORATORS Shenzhen Meidao Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning & Design Institute Co., Ltd


The design begins with an analysis of the relationship between the location of the small garden and the environment in order to offer visitors an interactive and dense (garden) space experience.

A grid determined by the small building site develops from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional space. Through a series of deformation processes, the site is divided into different areas: walkways, courtyards  and a bridge become the defining elements of the design. Folds create a raised area that concludes in a small panoramic bridge paved with mirror stainless steel, becoming a reflection of the surrounding environment.

The winding walkways in the midst of the garden create a unique landscape experience. They are either connected to the bridge or to the area below. Spaces that vary in height and width evoke different visual perceptions, with an emphasis on an intimate spatial experience within the larger garden exhibition.