Plasma was invited among 10 renown architects and product designers to develop a contemporary coathanger for Iserlohner Haken, a new brand of Hermann Schwerter, who continue to make metal products for over 150 years in Germany.


TYPE Product design
STATUS Commission, Built
YEAR 2012
CLIENT Rosconi_Iserlohner Haken

DESIGN TEAM Eva Castro, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne, Chuan Wang
PHOTO CREDIT Leonhard Angerer

Studying but finally eschewing the typical coathanger typologies from Schwerter’s back catalogues that evolved over the last 100 years and reflect a kaleidoscope of changing tastes and technical advances against a constant ergonomic purpose, our concept is instead inspired by Minimalism and Op Art. A series of simple operations of cutting and folding a square piece of sheet metal creates a component of 4 triangles that appears radically different when seen from various angles. With several hooks fixed against a wall, their sameness begins to collapse and new configurations emerge, similar to flocks of birds or butterflies.