类型 产品设计
状态 落成
地点 -
年份 2020
业主 Erlacher GmbH

设计团队 Eva Castro, Niccolò Dal Farra, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne, Mavis Lee, Peter Pichler, Shao Xuan Tan, Chuan Wang
PHOTO CREDIT Michael Pezzei

Every year the furniture maker Erlacher GmbH collaborates with a different successful architecture studio to design a wooden tray to be produced in a limited edition.
​​​​​​​For the year 2020, Plasma Studio defines a proposal focused on the flexibility of use, based on the concept of “tessellation”.

The idea is to create a design object elegant and versatile, able to represent the qualities of a company always oriented to innovation and research, but also handy and practical, useful in everyday life.

The object is defined by two distinct parts, designed to be used in different ways, thanks to their several possible combinations:
By placing the two parts one on top of the other, they create a closed container;
When they are both placed with the concave side facing upwards, they create a super-container with a surface double compared to the one of the single bowl.
Lateral notches, located in correspondence of the orthogonal axes, act as gripping elements to handle the bowl, and also define the contact surfaces when several bowls are placed side by side on a surface.