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Masterplan Train Areal Innichen

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Moving the train station to a new position close to the centre and reducing the amount of rail tracks creates many new opportunities in regard to he town's urban connectivity and development.

1. The new Mobility Centre is formed as a new public plaza and natural underpass beneath the rail tracks for pedestrian and bike traffic. Motorized vehicles can be parked on the northern side with convenient short walk to the town's historic and commercial centre. The centre accommodates connection and exchange between train, bus, car and bike traffic.

2. New territory that results from a reduction in the overall amount of rail tracks and surplus capacity will be swapped by rerouting the regional road alongside the remaining tracks. This will enhance future connection and development for the North side of the town and enables a buffer zone for the adjunct functions.

3. Additional new areas and existing buildings will combine to provide growth and synergies for the adjunct commercial park.

4. The masterplan envisions new social programmes such as a skate park and a youth centre to occupy additional vacant land and buildings.


Infrastructure, Mixed-Use, Public


Under Construction


Innichen/Sancandido, Italy




STA, Südtiroler Trasportstrukturen AG




Masterplan for train station and transport exchange hub, plus skate park and youth centre




Eva Castro, Holger Kehne, Ulla Hell

Design Team_

Clara Oloriz, Alfredo Ramirez, Peter Pichler, Juan Torres, Marta Musial, Anna Vyazovskay, Leila Meoure, Marco Becucci


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