Plasma Studio's work is showcased in the 15th and most recent volume of IT Revolution: Architecture Book Series, titled "Plasma Works". This time translated to English from its original Italian version.

After collaborating for an exhibition in 2009, editor Antonino Saggio invited Plasma Studio to become the latest subjects of this pretigious book series, joining the likes of UNStudio, Zaha Hadid, Diller+Scofidio, and Peter Eisenman.

'Plasma Studio is an example of how digital experimentation has become an important weapon for design and research nowadays. A model of operation that allows emergent groups to achive rapid recognition, and secure prestigious projects at an international level. This [15th] volume in the series, draws with great precision the manifold aspects of the studio's work, relating the cultural legacy to landform, parametrics, and to the studio's organisation itself. The book's author [Elizabeth Maria Bonafede] provides the reader with a complete, comprehensive essay on this international architecture office.'

The English version of the book is published by Edil Stampa and can be purchased in colour, b&w, and digital via Lulu.

Here an excerpt of the book:

'In the last three decades this movement has shifted the goal of architecture from the rational dimension of text, composed of signs that are easy to read, to a context of totalizing experience which breaks the linear message-comprehension scheme, superimposing unusual readings that make external categories like computing and geometries of transformation intervene, and which involve the individual emotive sphere. Consequently, the very notion of the object changes. Deleuze speaks of “objectile,” the object-event that, no longer characterized by a definite form, appears as a continuous variation of matter according to its contingencies: “it resembles a fabric that divides in folds to infinity, and in which every fold is determined by that which is around it” (Deleuze 1990). Since there is no distinction between object and space, the object-event can even become a “space-event,” as Kipnis suggests (1993). Plasma's architects have decisively chosen to use this lesson. If reality is not composed of separate, independent, definite objects but is a dynamic flux around a single organism, then time and movement become primary factors of organization in architecture too.'


After challenging given ideas about urbanization at Moscow Urban Forum's closing plenary session, Plasma Studio's Eva Castro has concluded her trip to Russia, which also included talking at Moscow Architecture School MARCH and at "Improving Infrastructure, Enhancing the City: New Approaches and Technologies"—one of the specialist panels at Moscow Urban Forum.


The latest issue of Abitare goes on sale from 28 November, with 160 pages of stories, designs, ideas and visions.

The magazine offers an account of the exciting ideas coming from the world of architecture and design through one key element: light.

A highly symbolic, emotionally charged concept that helps us to understand the energies and new ideas emerging.

More information here.


Plasma Studio's partner Ulla Hell talks about the use of copper in current architecture.

The video-interview was made by Copper Italian Institute at the Triennale di Milano, during the exhibition "Trame".

More information here.


Plasma Studio’s partner Ulla Hell, alongside Verena Konrad (Vorarlberg Architecture Institute’s director) and Christian Schützinger (Vorarlsberg Travel’s director), will be part of Baukultourismus, discussing this current idea encompassing a combination of constructional culture and tourism.

The forum, taking place in Dornbirn, Austria, will investigate how the relationship between architecture, tourism and culture can be enhanced via high quality and sustainability standards of architecture itself. Attend the event on 25th November at 10.00am, Zumtobel Light Forum.

More information in German here.


Site construction has started for Xixian Eco-Restaurant, our latest project. XIXIAN Eco-Restaurant is triggered by the desire of building, a dialogue between the landscape and its architecture, and an exchange that can build local specificity generating a sense of strong identity. Such identity, however, instead of relying on iconoclastic imaginary, finds its articulation in its placing within the site, stretching its boundaries onto the ground and producing a woven linkage with the landscape through elongated transitions –both spatial and functionally, it (re)defines its context and creates a new environment.

Check more of the project here.


This Wednesday 23 July, Plasma Studio’s Eva Castro is lecturing at Urban Fomation/城市形态组织 Symposium. Among the participants are Juan Du, Neil Leach, Tom Verebes, Matias del Campo, Alvin Huang, Ali Rahim. This will take place The University of Hong Kong Shanghai Study Centre, 298 North Suzhou Road, Hongkou District. 于上海香港大学学习中心举办上海市 虹口区北苏州路298 号.

This symposium will investigate the multifarious ways in which architects and urbanists interact with the forces shaping cities in the twenty-first century. The future of urbanity is increasingly indeterminable, contingent on the complex association of diverse environmental, economic, social and political influences. Within the highly mobile context of China’s seemingly unrelenting urbanisation, the theme of this event targets the paradox of top-down design mechanisms and emergent, formative processes.

The event comprises the eighth annual AA Shanghai Summer School AASH – an intensive nine-day studio-based course taught by leading experts and directed by Tom Verebes. AASH is a design workshop experimenting with cutting edge computational design approaches in architecture and urbanism, as applied to issues related to Shanghai, a pre-eminent urban laboratory and one of the world’s emblematic twenty-first century cities.

AASH Symposium's website


Located in the medieval centre of San Candido/Innichen, Schäfer Roofscape is a newly-completed restoration and conversion of a historical building. The first three storeys house a department store while the upper three storeys serve as four large, independent apartments within the formerly underused attic space.

Check more of the project here.


Städelschule Architecture Class is excited to invite to this year's End-Of-Year Reviews taking place at Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM), Schaumainkai 43, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, July 1 to July 4, 10.00 am – 6.00 pm.

The public reviews will start with the presentations of the First Year Group (FYG) on Tuesday and Wednesday and continue with the final reviews of the Master Thesis Group (MTG) on Thursday and Friday.

We are proud to announce the highly distinguished Jury Panel consisting of the guests Melike Altinisik, Daniel Birnbaum, Klaus Bollinger, Karola Dierichs, Elizabeth Diller, Luis Etchegorry, Eva Eylers, Manfred Grohmann, Martin Henn, Holger Hoffmann, Hamit Kaplan, Holger Kehne, Achim Menges, Gosha Mohammad, Tobias Nolte, Peter Cachola Schmal, Sebastian Stöhrer, Stefan Wieland and Reiner Zettl as well as the faculty members: Johan Bettum, Mirco Becker, Ben van Berkel, Daniel Birnbaum, Beatriz Colomina, Mark Fahlbusch, Philippe Pirotte, Christian Veddeler and Mark Wigley.


Plasma Studio's Eva Castro, besides Alfredo Ramirez, Eduardo Rico and Douglas Spencer are launching their lastest and anticipated editorial collaboration, "Critical Territories".

The book will be available for the first time TODAY at the Architectural Association's bookshop in London, UK, followed shortly by other bookshops worldwide. If you happen to be in the English capital, please do come tonight to the launching, Wednesday 18th June 2014, 6.30pm at the AA Bookshop, 32 Bedford Square, WC1B 3ES.

Stay tuned for the next launch parties that are being programmed. We don't want to miss the chance to meet with you in person.

From the official press release:

Critical Territories records the current state of our practice, theory and teaching of Landscape Urbanism and its development in recent years. It describes the phases and processes through which we have arrived at a distinctive model of Landscape Urbanism and the movement, from academia to praxis, through which this has been achieved. To this end, Critical Territories opens with a series of contributions to the ongoing development of our theoretical perspectives before turning to elaborate, from within the academic framework of the Architectural Association, the work of our students and the agendas they have engaged with in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Dubai and China and the intensive workshops with which they have been involved in Europe. It then turns, finally, to the projects produced and realised by the Landscape Urbanist practice Groundlab, whose work both puts into practice our model of Landscape Urbanism and offers an opportunity to reflect upon its further development.

CRITICAL TERRITORIES: From Academia to Praxis // Edited by Eva Castro, Alfredo Ramirez, Eduardo Rico and Douglas Spencer // ISBN-10: 8895623371 // ISBN-13: 978-8895623375



Documentary of Plasma Studio Italy in Deutsche Welle

Whoever visits Sexten in the Dolomites is taken by several encounters with futuristic architecture. Those buildings were designed by Plasma Studio's architects.

They design urban concepts in their offices in London, Beijing and also in a remote valley in the South Tyrolean Dolomites.

Surrounded by 10,000ft mountains, Ulla Hell develops here their concept of alpine architecture. One of the three partners of Plasma, Ulla succeeeded in her native land to convince clients and the local community that modern architecture is able to compete with the traditional style so popular with the tourists.

Further information here.

Wer das Dorf Sexten in den Südtiroler Dolomiten besucht, staunt über die futuristische Architektur, die ihm dort gleich mehrfach begegnet. Entworfen wurden die Gebäude von dem Architekturstudio Plasma. Die Architekten entwickeln urbane Baukonzepte in ihren Büros in London und in Peking - und in einem abgeschiedenen Tal in den Dolomiten in Südtirol.

Umgeben von 3000er-Gipfeln entwickelt Ulla Hell dort ihr Konzept von alpiner Architektur. Ulla Hell, eine der drei Gründer von Plasma Studio, hat es geschafft, in ihrer Heimat Südtirol Bauherren und die Kommune davon zu überzeugen, dass moderne alpine Architektur es durchaus mit der bei Touristen so beliebten traditionellen Architektur aufnehmen kann.

Project Architect Peter Pichler

Plasma Studio at european Copper Award

Among many high quality entries, Dolomitenblick won a commendation and became winner yet once more for the public choice award at the 2013 European Copper in Architecture Awards.

European Copper in Architecture Awards is a biennial showcase celebrating architectural design of buildings incorporating copper or copper alloy cladding, roofing or other architectural elements. The expansion and development of these biennial awards over the last two decades mirrors a fundamental change in the use of copper on buildings, from a practical roof covering to a highly architectural material for many building elements -particularly facades- with endless opportunities for design.

For the whole list of winners and competing projects, please check here.


Plasma Studio will build the new Mobility Centre for the city of Innichen/San Candido in Italy. Details of the project here.


The popular social-networking website Architizer is featuring here an interview with Plasma Studio's partner Ulla Hell, emphasising on all the built projects we have finished in Italy.

[...] five recently designed buildings by international firm Plasma Studio have brought a bit of the 21st century into this Sound of Music-like setting. Like polished pieces of stone materializing from the land, the Paramount Residence, Strata Hotel, Cube House, Esker House (in nearby Innichen), and Dolomitenblick apartment building, which won a 2013 Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award in the low-rise residential category, are transforming this tiny mountain village into an unanticipated center for experimental design.


Holger Kehne lectured at the Festival de Inovacao and Criatividade as part of the Lisbon Architectural Triennale, Lens Get Closer, 14th of November 2013.

Dolomitenblick nominated for ECAA 2013

Plasma studio is shortlisted for the European Copper in Architeture Awards (ECAA). Please vote for our project "Dolomitenblick"!

Plasma studio ist unter den Finalisten für den European Copper in Architeture Awards (ECAA). Bitte wählt unser Projekt, "Dolomitenblick"!

Plasma studio fa parte dei finalisti del European Copper in Architeture Awards (ECAA). Prego votate per il nostro progetto "Dolomitenblick"!

Thanks, danke, grazie.

Ulla Hell ant the whole Plasma team.

MARK featuring Paramount Residence

Monica Zerboni has reviewed Paramount Residence in an 8-page article in Mark N. 45 - August/September 2013.

Excerpt: "After founding Plasma Studio in London in 1999, Eva Castro and Holger Kehne designed and built various projects worldwide, including in the Italian Dolomites, where the architects opened a second office in 2003 with partner Ulla Hell. A third office, in Beijing, followed in 2009. The Italian office is in Sesto, a small mountain village on the outskirts of Bolzano. The contrasting atmospheres of these locations – from the restless multiethnic metropolis to the bucolic mountains of South Tyrol – can be seen as a challenging synergy between two opposites: city and countryside. One result of the diversity is the development of Plasma Studio’s recognizable style. Researching vernacular buildings, the architects explore traditional typologies in search of new possibilities. [...]"

A limited use of material and colour underpins the smooth, seamless flow of space throughout the home. In every room, floor-to-ceiling windows ensure a relationship between the interior and the seasonally changing mountain landscape. Natural light filtering through the pleated roof blends with shadows to create irregular patterns on walls and floors. The most spectacular feature is a glazed cutout in the roof over the hall and stairs, which offers a stunning view of the sky and the mountains. [...]"

Cube House and Paramount on RAI5's DaySign-Living TV Show

This 4th of July 21:15 on digital Italian TV channel RAI-5 will be shown the first edition of: 'DaySign – LIVING'. The programme will include reports on Plasma's 'Paramount' and 'Cube' projects.

In case you miss it, there are plenty additional screenings at these dates:

06/07/2013 19:45

07/07/2013 13:25

08/07/2013 09:25

10/07/2013 00:30


DAYSIGN è un viaggio alla scoperta delle eccellenze del design, un omaggio ad uno dei più grandi fenomeni culturali e socio-economici dell’età contemporanea, visto nei suoi aspetti più specifici: dal disegno alla grafica, dalla tecnologia dei materiali alle tecnologie progettuali per arrivare infine alla realizzazione del progetto.

LIVING è abitare, vivere, muoversi negli spazi della vita quotidiana. Vedremo differenti soluzioni abitative, basate su concept diversi uno dall'altro, pensati da designer e architetti famosi, come Karim Rashid e Tom Dixon. E faremo un viaggio nel futuro - che è già presente - nel mondo della domotica : una scienza interdisciplinare dedicata interamente a migliorare, in senso tecnologico, la nostra vita all'interno delle abitazioni.

Ulla Hell lecturing at Heinze Architek Tour

Among wellknown household names as Julia B. from Bolles+Willson, Plasma Studio's Ulla Hell has been part of the Heinze Architek Tour this June 6th. "Experiment and Tradition: New Housing in South Tyrol," held at the Neuen Museum, is Ulla's lecture reflecting on the most recent housing projects by Plasma Studio in South Tyrol, Italy.

About the event:

"Good Vibrations" heißt die Ausstellung, die im Neuen Museum parallel zur Heinze ArchitekTOUR läuft. Ein Motto, das auch für das Tourprogramm und den Veranstaltungsort gelten könnte. Mit dem Neuen Museum hat Volker Staab nicht nur beispielhaft historische Stadtstrukturen mit zeitgenössischer Architektur verbunden. Er hat zugleich einen neuen, offenen und identitätsstiftenden Stadtplatz geschaffen. (8.45 - 17.00 Uhr)

Die Bayerische Ingenieurekammer erkennt die Veranstaltung mit 7 Zeiteinheiten, die Ingenieurkammer Hessen mit 6 Unterrichtseinheiten und die Architekten- und Stadtplanerkammer Hessen mit 5 Fortbildungspunkten. Die Ingenieurkammer Thüringen verrechnet für die Veranstaltungsteilnahme 5 Stunden. Die Architektenkammer Sachsen hat die Veranstaltung als Fortbildung anerkannt.

Weitere Veranstaltungsorte: Hamburg · Berlin · Neuss · Dresden · Königstein im Taunus · Ludwigsburg

Eva Castro and Chuan Wang lecture at Shenzhen Municipal Construction Affairs Bureau

Plasma Studio's Eva Castro and Chuan Wang were invited to the Shenzhen Municipal Construction Affairs Bureau this April 18th. The partners presented "Between Scales", lecturing on the pactice's latest projects.

Project Architect Position Available

For our multinational team in Beijing, we are looking for a postgraduate Chinese-speaking architect that is motivated, entirely self-driven, who excels in leadership as well as in being a team player.

Further details here.


Following an ample welcome by the media since its completion, Dolomitenblick has been awarded "Most Popular Residential Low Rise (1-4 Floors) Building" at the 2013 Architizer A+ Awards. Our project was chosen as one of 5 finalists for this category by an international jury of over 200 architects and cultural leaders. Among those were Steven Holl, Preston Scott Cohen, Ole Bouman, Philip Jodidio, Winny Maas, Eric Owen Moss, Dominic Perrault, Charles Adler, Paola Antonelli and Aranda/Lasch.

AA+ Awards' aim is to "remind everyone in the world that they are fans of architecture, even if they don't realize it. This year's winners make our job easy. They are projects where noble ambitions match their formal sophistication [and] represent the best architecture from across the globe," says Marc Kushner, CEO of Architizer.

Thanks to the jury's selection, Dolomitenblick made it to the finals. But the "Most Popular" buildings were actually chosen by more than 150,000 AA+ users who voted, making us even more humbled and grateful to you all who were part of this honor.

Please, check the full list of awarded projects here.


With editorial written by Steven Holl, The Plan's latest issue reviews Plasma Studio work among the likes of Farshid Moussavi and Massimiliano Fuksas.

Plasma Studio was founded in London by Eva Castro and Holger Kehne in 1999. In 2002, they were joined by Ulla Hell. [...] Plasma comes from the Greek word to shape or mould. I think there could be no better way of expressing Plasma’s optimistic, proactive attitude to form yet at the same time acknowledge their organic approach and environmental sensitivity. The group’s work can be summed up in five objectives. First, to break down established confines, especially between public and private space. If volumes can be moulded, then the separation between inside and out is no more; the divide between an individual building and urban space is swept away. Which in turn leads to innovative forms of social aggregation and new ways of organising collective space by better use of residual, in-between spaces or by rethinking concepts like threshold, limit and boundary.

Further details here.


Our most recent built project, Dolomitenblick, is being blogged in several websites: Archdaily, Dezeen, Inhabitat, Arch2o




Plasma Studio's work is showcased in the 15th and most recent volume of IT Revolution: Architecture Book Series, tittled "Plasma Works".

After collaborating for an exhibition in 2009, editor Antonino Saggio invited Plasma Studio to become the latest subjects of his pretigious book series, joining the likes of UNStudio, Zaha Hadid, Diller+Scofidio, and Peter Eisenman.

From the back cover: "Plasma Studio is an example of how digital experimentation has become an important weapon for design and research nowadays. A model of operation that allows emergent groups to achive rapid recognition, and secure prestigious projects at an international level. This [15th] volume in the series, draws with great precision the manifold aspects of the studio's work, relating the cultural legacy to landform, parametrics, and to the studio's organisation itself. The book's author [Elizabeth Maria Bonafede] provides the reader with a complete, comprehensive essay on this international architecture office."

The Italian version of the book is already released, published by Edil Stampa.


Dolomitenblick, Plasma Studio's latest built project, is reviewed in the current issue of Architektur Aktuell.

From the article: When googling Plasma Studio Architects, you find three addresses: one in London, one in Beijing and one in Sesto. The latter location is where Ulla Hell is based and is also where this innovative trio's latest design, the "Dolomitenblick House", stands (...)."

More on Dolomitenblick here.


After stripping off an existing Tyrolean house to its Carthesian skeleton, the project, located in Sesto, Italy, extends from the landscape like a lichen, forming layered sculptural volumes.

Leading German weekly Stern featured an in-depth article and interview with Ulla in issue 20, 10.05.2012.

For publication enquiries, please contact Ulla Hell at uh[@]plasmastudio.com.


Located in the historic centre of San Candido/Innichen, Schäfer Residence is a conversion of an existing building. The first three storeys house a shop, and the top three storeys serve as independent apartments for the owner and his daughters.

As the semi-detached structure faces a public plaza and is thus protected by local regulations, our efforts were directed towards the rear facade. This west-facing elevation is cut out to create generous balconies and allow sunlight to penetrate the space-a marked departure from the traditional pitched roof of the neighbouring buildings.

Plasma Studio's 1st prize for Low Carbon Technology Centre

Plasma Studio, in collaboration with Suzhou MEDI, won an invited competition and just signed the contract for a new-built Low Carbon Technology Centre that will inform visitors about a wide range of green technologies.

The resulting proposal represents a radical interpretation of the competition brief: beyond simply exhibiting these technologies inside the building, the building itself becomes the exhibit. A roofscape, tessellated by walkways, enables visitors to walk up and see solar panels, water collection and green roof systems live and in place. All building surfaces collect rainwater which runs through a visible system of channels to a series of ponds that extend from a wetland park on the neighboring site.

Plasma Studio exhibiting at REM

China's leading curator and critic Zhenning Fang has selected Plasma Studio's Flowing Gardens / XI'an Expo for 'Architecture China-The 100 Contemporary Projects.' We are proud to be alongside only a handful of foreign-designed works by OMA, Fuksas and Yamamoto to complement the exciting works of contemporary Chinese architects. The exhibition will open at the Reiss-Engelhorn Museen (REM) in Mannheim, Germany from 15 September to 13th of January 2013 as a key event in the 2012 Germany-China Cultural Year.

Holger Kehne at Architect@Work-China

Holger Kehne will be a lecturer at Architect@Work-China in Shanghai on the 7th of September 2012.

ARCHITECT@WORK is an event exclusively designed for architects & designers and other professionals with a focus on innovation.

Eva Castro taking part in WAF

Eva Castro will be a lecturer and critic at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Singapore from 3rd- 5th October 2012.

WAF is the world's largest festival and live awards competition dedicated to celebrating, and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe.